The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires that, as bloggers we let our audience know of our relationship to the brand we’re reviewing or recommending. When I suggest a product through my page is because I believe 100% in them and I believe them to be the best out there. When I add a link for a product, is because I have used it myself and have done research on its benefits and quality.

As an affiliate, I can benefit from this when you guys trust my judgement and purchase something through my link. I believe this is a win/win for all of us because, I get to share products I love and trust, and you can buy a product that I have already tried myself and can testify to its quality.

I may receive consideration for my reviews or recommendations, but I am totally unbiased and do not accept paid reviews or fake reviews claiming to be something they are not.

The prices are exactly the same for you whether you purchase it through an affiliate link or through the website directly (non-affiliate link). If a company provides me with a coupon code to share with you, the price will actually be less for you than a regular link.

As a part of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program I often make referrals to them, but its because I really trust them as a company (who doesn’t love Amazon Prime, right). By doing this, I make a referral commission at absolutely no cost to you.

Thank you so much for following me and supporting my work and research. I honestly don’t do it for this, I do it because I love health and just want to share what I learn with others. But if I can earn some extra pennies on the process, why not 🙂 ??

Thanks in advance,

Jolene Hurtado – The Healthy Island Girl