Hi, I’m Jolene and I have the biggest passion for healthy living. I have two beautiful children (Valentina and Luca) and a loving husband.

I have to admit… I have a slight paranoia about toxins and chemicals in our everyday life and I try my very best to avoid them. I love searching for cleaner and safer options not only for our traditional food choices in the market, but also for our beauty and cleaning products that seep through our skin and lungs.

I grew up eating tons of junk food. Days would go by without me eating a vegetable and I rarely ate fruits. It was when I got pregnant with my daughter that I first started to care for my diet and health. I became really conscious of what I put in my body. Not only did I cut out toxins in my food, but also in my beauty and cleaning products. I didn’t want the baby growing inside of me to be exposed to so many chemicals during her development.

I’ve been enthusiastic about healthy eating for a couple years now, and the thought about having a blog ran through my mind countless times, but it wasn’t until just a couple of weeks ago that friends and family members started to point out how passionate I sound when I speak about it. So I thought … “ahh, what do I have to lose?” So here I am…