Unlike the toxins we consume from our food, that enter our digestive system first, chemicals in our skin products enter our bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Just think about birth control and nicotine patches. Plus, about 80% of the ingredients in skin care products have never been tested. So for me, instead of trying to add so many skin products to my skin, I prefer going simple, and just use natural, healthy, nourishing oils.

Keep in mind, I have a slightly oily skin. My skincare consists of this:
  1. I use castile soap as a facewash. It’s an oil based soap that is super effective in removing dirt and oils from the skin. It’s also really good for removing makeup and best of all, it has no harmful ingredients.
  2. Then I apply a mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil on my face. I apply it in a circular motion, kind of like massaging it. It may sound counter intuitive, but oil is actually the best way to remove oils from the skin. Coconut is a very light oil that can be removed easily, and tea tree oil is great for oil control and rashes. So for my skin type, it’s a great combination.
  3. Then I remove the oil with an organic cotton pad with witch hazel. I use this oneWitch hazel is a topical astringent derived from the bark and leaves of the plant Hamamelis virginiana, so pretty natural and non-toxic. Witch hazel has many benefits for the skin, but it is mainly great for calming irritation and inflammation and reducing pore size.
  4. After I remove the coconut oil and tea tree oil combination with witch hazel. I then apply more oils. I’m currently using a body oil from I AM Organic which has made a huge difference on my skin. It’s a blend of incredible oils like jojoba, sesame, avocado, grapeseed and coconut oil. It has cocoa butter and coffee butter just to name a few. It’s amazing for the skin and made with natural, non-toxic and organic ingredients.

And this is my day to day routine.

But every other day, I incorporate this:
  • Every 5-6 days I exfoliate my skin with a scrub from the same line I AM Organic. It has the same ingredients from the oil I mentioned before, which right now are doing great things for my skin, so I don’t want to change them up.
  • Also, every 2-3 days I use an astringent with 2% salicylic acid which my skin cannot survive without. I use this one. 
  • As a makeup remover, I use the same coconut + tea tree oil combination.

So, as you can see, the skin receives all the nurturing it needs, without so many toxic chemicals that harm the skin so much and end up accelerating the aging process.

I don’t know if it’s part of the whole turning 30 thing, or maybe it’s just me, but years ago when I was younger, I would literally try, oils, scrubs, masks and many other beauty products and I would never notice any big difference. I mean, back then, I didn’t have any lines, breakouts, my skin always looked young and fresh, and so it was hard for me to see any noticeable difference. Because, well, it always looked good.

Well, that has changed completely. Now, I can really notice a difference after trying certain skin products or I incorporate something different into my skin care routine.

That’s why I absolutely love exfoliating my skin, especially my face, and applying nutrient dense oils. I see a mayor difference in my skin complexion. Exfoliating, like most of us know, removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing healthy new skin. It also decreases pore size, black heads, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

I only use oils to hydrate my skin. So, something that I really love about exfoliating is that, by removing the layer of dead skin cells, the oils are absorbed much efficiently. Exfoliating also helps o clear then complexion and remove scaring from acne.

So, this is how I exfoliate:
  1. I first wash my face with castile soap and try to remove any makeup (if I have any).
  2. Then, with my face and hands still damp, I apply the scrub on my face. I’ve been using a body scrub from I AM Organic. I massage the exfoliant into skin using light pressure for about 1 minute.
  3. I rinse the scrub with water and leave the oils from the scrub on the skin so they can be absorbed after the exfoliation. Would I want to wash off those healthy oils (like jojoba and avocado) from my skin?

Exfoliation routine should be done based on skin type. Mine is oily and a bit sensitive. That’s why I don’t exfoliate so often. But for other people with a normal skin type, it can be done twice a week.

Chemicals like phthalates are endocrine disruptors that are linked to reproductive issues like lowered sperm counts and thyroid problems. I have actually experienced dizziness after applying drugstore makeup. So, remember, the skin is our largest organ and it has no filter when receiving what we put on it. Everything will enter your bloodstream. Knowing that our bodies absorb the ingredients in our products we use, it’s important to give them a second look.


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