I really enjoy visiting local farmer’s markets. There’s so much variety of produce and homemade products. From soaps, essential oils, beverages, gluten free baked goods, and many more. It’s one of the few places where I can buy food, and be completely sure that what I’m buying is created using minimal processing, with the best and safest ingredients there are.


The many reasons

Farmer’s market products are usually produced as organically and naturally as possible. The produce are picked at their peak, because they don’t have to travel far. Contrary to the produce you buy at the supermarket, that were picked way before they were ripe, so they can last all the manufacturing and transportation time.


It’s also satisfying for me to know that I’m supporting local farmers and small businesses. Large businesses dominate the food industry and small farmers have a hard time competing with them. Buying directly from farmers gives them a better return for their produce. You also help your own community as the money stays in the state and helps local economy.

When you spend $100 on farmer’s markets, approximately $99 stays in the state. When you spend the same amount in supermarkets only $25 stays in your state. (In the U.S.)



When buying local, not only are you helping the economy of your own community, you’re also helping with the preservation of our planet. Conventional agriculture practices use many more resources that pollute our water, soil and air. Pesticide use is responsible for killing many living organisms that huge impact in our ecosystem.

Bees for example, are dying at an unprecedented rate of up to 30% per year. It has been proven to be caused mainly by a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids.

Also, the food you buy at your supermarket usually travels hundreds of miles to get there. All this travelling consumes large amounts of natural resources, especially fossil fuels. Not to mention, the packaging needed for transportation and selling creates extra waste.


Vegan alcapurrias (Puertorican fritter dish) fried in organic coconut oil.


This is a natural “soda”made with fermented mabi.

It’s a plus that my kids really enjoy it. They ate gluten and dairy free carrot cake which was delicious. They fought over their natural soda and they even had some face painting done. So needless to say they loved it.




Gluten & dairy free carrot cake.


It may have been the heat, but this was the best coconut water I’ve ever had.

I hate to say it but yes, farmer’s markets are usually more expensive than supermarkets, but you must know that you are also paying for a higher quality product. For me, it’s all about priorities. If you can pay extra for a better handbag, shoes or clothes, why not do the same with your food. Invest in your food. Material things won’t be around for long, but your food determines if you will. Remember, you get what you pay for.


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